Mary Poppins

Yeah – you read that right. Mary Poppins – and in the “Faith/Scripture” category none-the-less. We’ll he’s the deal.

On the way to Lansdale (Laura’s parents house) on Friday night – Vivienne watched Mary Poppins in the back of the car with Laura. Because the computer’s speakers are very loud we had to pipe the sound through the car’s speakers – which means that I could only hear, but not see, the movie. Always an interesting way to experience a movie. You can imagine (as I had to the entire drive) what it’s like to try and recall what’s happening in a favorite children’s movie from years past. The jokes, singing, laughing people floating, chimney sweeps tap dancing, children running from the police and a grumpy old bank man (who I assume looked just like Mr. Potter from “It’s a wonderful life” – the only kind of grumpy old bank man there is). It was all very fun (for Vivienne especially), even if I had no idea what was really going on.

But, as the movie was wrapping up, I suddenly got it! I actually got what the movie was about. I haven’t seen the movie since I was a kid. The only mentions of it in the last many years is when someone randomly says “superkalafragalistic”. Most of us know the song and can recall a few funny scene’s from it that tickled our funny bone as a kid (who didn’t wish they could float whenever they laughed.) But in the end, it wasn’t about any of that. It actually had a point much bigger than entertaining us kids with fanciful images.

It was about restoration (of the Banks’ family – father/children) and redemption (Mr. Banks finds his joy again). Maybe not on a spiritual level – but it doesn’t matter. God still used it to teach me a profound point. (profound to me at least) My life, especially my faith, is usually like this. I see the entertainment value early on. I get excited about the interactive/visual stuff… the things on the surface. It’s usually the stuff that gratifies some immediate “need” of mine. And then I move on – pick one or two memories from the interaction in the back of my mind for a feel good “pick-me-up” when I need it. Eventually, however, the Holy Spirit pulls one or two of those out and asks me to dig deeper – past the feel good moments. He teaches me what those times were really about and how He has used and is using them for His purposes in my life (and usually those around me).

And that’s when it occurred to me that this was exactly what Paul was taking about when he spoke in 1 Corinthians 13:11-12. As I grow up into more of the man God is calling me to be – I know He’ll use more of these opportunities to see the world/my situations through “man” eyes – not simply through the eyes of a child. There is a time and place for everything (it’s definitely cool to be excited about some things like a little kid again – to take them for face “bring me joy” value) – but He’s calling me to more… I think He’s calling all men of His Kingdom to more. To see he is a God of love, redemption, restoration, healing – who wouldn’t want more of that??

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