Daily Victory

On April 13, 2008, my pastor allowed me to share the story of my battle with pornography addiction during the Sunday service and it effected my life and most recently my marriage and family.  Having been restored in my marriage for nearly three years and “porn free” – I’ve had the opportunity to share this God story a number of times in the last, I’ve had the opportunity to council a number of men that have approached me with similar struggles.  Finally I realized that this needed to be dealt with on a larger scale and approached the church elders about subsidizing the cost of Internet accountability software for anyone in the church who wanted it.  They said “yes” – and so I gave this talk to help move the church along.

This is the audio and Keynote slides from that talk.  I pray that it’s a story that continually points to Christ and his power to heal, save, restore and call us into the man (or woman) that he desires!

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