Whole 30 – Day 4

I made it to bed at 11PM last night and, although I thought I was tired, didn’t fall asleep as fast as I thought I would.  Oh well.

Every Thursday for the past five years I’ve met with a small group of men.  It’s an early day as we meet at 6:45AM and I’m 20 minutes away.  So when the alarm goes off at 5:30… I realize I should have been in bed sooner.

This also means that I don’t get much of anything to eat before leaving the house, and since we meet at Dunkin’ Donuts I don’t really have any options when I get there. (Look, don’t judge.  DD is a convenient location and we only buy coffee… remember, I’m gluten sensitive).  I do love the look of the staff every Thursday when I hand them my coffee mug and already has my Ghee and coconut oil in the bottom.

The rest of the day is unremarkable, honestly.  Lunch was yet another salad with lots of mix-ins and celery/apples with almond butter as a side.  I have some nuts throughout the day… and otherwise I only have to struggle to ignore the snack closet in the kitchen twice today.  So far that’s probably the one thing that I just can’t get over… how used to snacking on little stuff I am.  Even though I’m not hungry in the true sense, I just love to have something to crunch on.  It’s a really hard habit to break.

Laura is being amazing (nothing new) by helping to prepare separate stuff for me.  So, when I get home, she has kept chicken out of the noodles and just put some stir-fried veggies with it.  So, that was dinner.  Again, I’m really trying to listen to my body more and realize that if I’m getting the munchies, I should just grab some water or (in the evening) some ginger tea.

As for everything I listed in the first post that I was going to try and be aware of, honestly I don’t notice much yet.  Nothing big with the skin. Nothing terribly noticeable with the voice/sinuses.  So, it’s certainly not a step backwards, but I can’t claim any major changes yet.

On to day 5…


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