Whole 30 – Day 3

So, yeah, that 3AM beeping by a child’s toy seems to have really messed me up.  The alarm went off at 6AM, and I thought I was going to stay up, but next thing I knew it was 7AM and I didn’t feel so zippy.  Darn.

Getting ready for work feels like a chore, but I do get a lunch made (mostly the same as yesterday), have a few slices of bacon that the family has out as part of their breakfast and I grab a banana on the way out the door.  Not the best start to the day.  Interestingly enough, though, I don’t feel super hungry as I’m going about stuff to get out the door.

At work I take my time eating the banana and sipping on my BP coffee through the morning.  I make myself head out for another, longer run at lunch.  A bit more effort than yesterday, but again, it’s not because my body is out of energy/carbs.  I just haven’t been running consistently lately.

Lunch is almost a copy of yesterday (I’m thankful the Laura is able to have groceries available to do this experiment)… which again, I take my time with as I attend a 1.5 hour meeting.  I sip on Kombucha again, but that’s been a habit for the past six months, so nothing unusual there.

Nothing big to report in the afternoon, except that I definitely am feeling a bit run down and starting to develop a headache.  I’m definitely a teeth grinder.  Making music all of my life, part of it is a bad habit I’ve developed since childhood of making rhythm’s with my teeth.  I don’t often realize I’m doing it.  That, coupled with the fact that I’m clenching my jaw more because I don’t have things to munch on (even though I’m not hungry)… seem to be contributing to the ache.  It doesn’t help that I think something is going on with a tooth… something I started to notice two weeks ago.

I’m home at about 6PM and have a simple, but good, dinner of organic beef (from our own pasture) and veggies.  There’s some avocado and cucumber on the table too.  The headache is a bit more bothersome, but it’s definitely tied to my tooth hurting too.

All of that aside, one thing that’s striking is that I am not ever actually “hungry” today… at least not in the way I’m used to.  I continue to feel an urge to crunch on something (man, those pretzels keep calling me from the pantry)… but I’m not “hungry”.  Just interesting.

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