Whole 30 – Why I’m trying it

Overall, if you look at me, I look pretty healthy.  I can run a few miles without much effort.  I don’t binge on sweets much and my diet is somewhat controlled because I’m Gluten sensitive.  I’m not overweight.

However, I don’t feel great, consistently for more than a few days at a time.  Between chronic sinus issues, “weekend warrior” pains and strains, and never getting enough sleep trying to accomplish too many things, I’m far from the picture of health.  As a husband and father of five kids… now in my 40s, I desperately want to feel better, more consistently.

And I’ve know this for a long time.  In fact, for the better part of 5-6 years I’ve told my wife, Laura, that I feel like I need to just cut everything out, start with a really simple diet of something and then build up from there. At this point, the Whole 30 feels like the best option I’ve heard about in years.  So I’m diving in.

The things I’m going to try and pay attention to:

  • Sinus issues, drainage, allergies
  • Sleep patterns and energy levels
  • Performance in exercise
  • Vocal performance (I’m a singer, and my voice has just been out of wack for a while)
  • Some chronic skin dryness on my forehead
  • Overall cognative abilities… how much “fog” to I feel from day-to-day

Here goes!  🙂

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