Whole 30 – Day 2

Because I was intentional about getting up and preparing good food for breakfast and a lunch to take to work, I started this day well.  Spinach and fruit smoothy, two eggs and a few walnuts.  I made my “bullet proof” coffee with Ghee for the first time and it seems to taste better than the grass-fed butter I normally use.

I also just finished listening to chapter 5 of the book, which did a wonderful job of explaining how all of the hormones work together with food and our energy levels throughout the day… as well as our cravings.  I’m pretty tuned into that today.

I feel great through the morning (although again, I want to just keep chomping on nuts at work) and I have no problem taking a gentle run before lunch.  No energy issues sans-carbs for 48 hours now.

I take my time eating lunch which consists of salad and organic chicken sausage, celery and almond butter, and my homemade Kombucha.  Honestly, I feel good throughout the rest of the day.  At 5:30, my awesome wife brought me broccoli and chicken for dinner when she dropped of the older kids for me to run around to lessons through the evening.  I eat that and an apple while one of our daughters has her violin lesson.

By the time we get home in the evening I have some work to do, but I feel full and am aware of my cravings but also know why I have them now… having trained my hormones for years to follow this pattern.

So two days in, I have no problem with the eating or things I am giving up.  Sure, I want a few M&M’s in the afternoon when I go into the kitchen at work… but no biggie.  Nothing else physically has noticeably changed.  Maybe there’s less drainage/post-nasal drip… but that’s really hard to judge at this point.

I’m in bed just before 11PM and fall asleep easily. Unfortunately, I’m awoken at 3AM by a child’s electronic toy gone crazy and, although I fall back to sleep quickly I’m not in good shape at 6AM when the alarm goes off.

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