Whole 30 – Day 1

As expected, this isn’t a big deal yet.  It’s 24 hours.  In general, the two “big” thing I have to change from most of my day-to-day diet is leaving out dairy and grains.  Since I’m Gluten sensitive, there are a lot of things I’m used to giving up… but also more and more that I can now substitute when I have cravings.

I’m listening to the companion book, It’s All About Food, at the same time which has been helpful.


I have two observations initially:

  1. I’m not specifically hungry at any time, but my tendency to be a “snacker” (even healthy stuff) is noticeable.  Therefore, my jaw/teeth are already sore from clenching a little in the absense of munching on stuff.
  2. At 9PM, I’m generally overcome with the need to eat something.  It’s obvious to me that this isn’t because of any hunger pains, but rather habit.  I’m just used to satisfying my cravings with something crunchy… like gluten free pretzels.  Arg… I really want to crunch on something.


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