Six Years

On Sunday, Laura and I celebrated our six year anniversary. The time pales in comparison many of the couples we know – but seems long in the face of this generation. This isn’t a pat on the back or anything – simply a sad truth. If you’ve had an opportunity to listen to my talk in church from April (Daily Victory) you’ll know that this was not a smooth ride for us. It occurred to me as I gave another announcement for Covenant Eyes this past Sunday that we almost didn’t make it much past three years. We deserve so little – yet He gives us so much.

The biggest treat of the day was attending the graduation ceremony for the local Christian high school that Laura was integral in starting. This is the fourth year of existence for Grace Prep so the inaugural 9th grade class graduated. Laura was asked to give the commencement address because of her impact on so many of these kids lives. She wouldn’t tell me leading up to Sunday what the address was about, only that she was scared it was to counter cultural and although she was sure this was what she was to speak on… she didn’t want to.

She ended up speaking about preparing for marriage – starting now. I’m still waiting to get audio from the ceremony so that others can be blessed by it, but she did nothing short of pitching a no hitter with speech. It was so anointed (and counter-cultrual!) that I can’t understand why every commencement speech isn’t on this topic – at least at Christian schools.

It was a great way to be reminded that the hard work we’ve gone through, continue to go through, and will always go through is good. It’s produced in us a marriage that endures and LOVES greatly – yet always leaves me plenty of opportunities to learn how to love even better. That’s my commandment… to love my wife. I couldn’t be happier for the challenge.

God’s goodness is overwhelming, His steadfast love enduring, and His faithfulness complete.

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  1. You guys are so rad! I love it! Bran and I were just talking about the reality that youth, for whatever modern reasons, are not as ready for marriage as they should be. Neither does our soceity, with its emphasis on personal career, even shed marriage in a light.

    It sounds very counter-cultural…and smacks of Vodie. Yes?

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