The Heart of the Battle

This is probably the most important post I’ll make in a long time.  I’ve added a new “page/tab” at the top you might notice called “Daily Victory“.  It’s the audio and slides from a talk I gave in church a few weeks ago (4/13/08) about my struggle with pornography addiction and how the battle to find victory nearly destroyed my marriage, family and life – but how His unrelenting pursuit of me just wouldn’t let go.  The end result is a marriage and family that is strong (not perfect mind you – we still have a lot of learning to do) and a strengthened passion for helping men find freedom from this junk and step into their calling as a man/husband/father.

With that in mind I approached the elders recently and asked if they would let me use some/all of the men’s ministry budget to help subsidize accountability software for anyone in the church that wanted to use it.  They were all for it and so I presented that to the church by sharing my story.  I pray that as men (and women) choose to become accountable for this one area, it will free them up to step into the calling God has placed on their lives in other areas.  But, for this generation, I believe that this is one of only a few major battles for our future and our growth in Christ as a whole.

Please let me know what you think.  It’s tough to take off the mask sometimes, but if Christ is glorified – then it’s all worth it.

Listen to the talk

3 thoughts on “The Heart of the Battle”

  1. What accountability software are you wanting to use?

    I work for Covenant Eyes ( We’d be happy to give your church a promotional code for anyone from your church to use. That way part of the money your church spends on Covenant Eyes can go back to your church, another ministry, a charity or whatever you want.

    Please contact me if you are interested! Thanks for being brave and talking about your addictions. Thanks for being a forerunner in your church for many others to find help and freedom.

    Luke Gilkerson
    Internet Community Manager
    Covenant Eyes

  2. Ryan, I’ve followed you and Laura’s story a bit as I’ve read her blog pretty faithfully since your visit last April. I can’t tell you how unbelievable and how happy it makes me to hear your talk from church and see how much it has changed your life. I am so proud of you…what you’re doing at the church, and of your honesty with Laura. What it means to me, you’ll never know, but the connection I feel to you guys…is just so deep in my heart that I cried while I listened. Thank you so much.

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