The Centrality of the Home

For those of you that don’t know we’re about to have our second child… of course, I use “we” lightly because, well, I don’t really have to do the “having”. But regardless, in light of our pending family growth (which we couldn’t be more excited for!!!) we continue to try and understand God’s design for family. To this end, as I mentioned in my mind dump last week (Frustrated) we’re continually seeking out teachings and ministries that focus specifically on Biblical family dynamics. In most circles today, this would simply be called “conservative Christian living” – probably Southern Baptist kind of conservative. And this, quite honestly, is where the Church gets me sometimes. I listen to a message like the one below and shout “AMEN” through the whole thing. But then I realize that this same pastor would likely preach that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are not for today – something that Laura and I are pretty sure Christ has given us opportunities to see that the are.

And that, to an extent, is what I’m working out. In general I’m seeing that the churches I’ve grown up in since becoming a Christian at age 21 do not focus nearly as much on the centrality of family in our faith. I’m not sure why, and I’m not really upset about it, but the more we learn the more I wish others were hearing it too. As our family grows and Christ continues to give us more and more of a passion for his full family design – I’m glad to have some other perspectives. I love having straight talk that’s not covered in anecdotes. I like being brought to Scripture and someone saying, “this is what is says. Let me show you how I came to that belief by teaching you the meaning. It’s OK if you disagree, but you better be able to back it up with Scripture.” Come on, don’t you love to be challenged by someone with that kind of confidence in the scripture?

Anyway there are two teachings the Voddie Bachman gives that are wonderful. The one linked below was the first one Laura and I heard by him, on a CD we got from Vision Forums – a homeschooling/family centered ministry we have grown to love. The message is VERY counter church culture. My entry into the church, by God’s grace, was to help with youth ministry while in college. I’ve seen youth ministry do amazing things in young adult lives. But as I grow up and examine what it appears God intended for the flow of faith from one generation to the next – this seems to make a lot more sense to me.

So, as a shout out to all of the men I’ve talked with that say they reading and homework, when it comes to learning Scripture, isn’t for them (yes, I’m a card carrying member of that club as well – but I’m slowly being transformed) – heres something you can listen to instead. 🙂 Please let me know what you think.

The Centrality of the Home – by Voddie Bachman

4 thoughts on “The Centrality of the Home”

  1. Dr. Booz: Yours is an amazingly transparent web log. Is it possible that you are manifesting humility by exposing your foibles to the (admiring) public in such a forum? That is how it appears to me. Doubts and struggles–just because I don’t have any doesn’t mean that it’s not normal for other people to have them. Keep calling for backup–we were not meant to repel the gates of Hell alone.

    The gifts of the Holy Spirit are genuine and active.

    We’re going to heaven; we’re going to heaven; we’re going to heaven . . .


  2. Ryan–

    I’m loving your blog. Thanks for doing this!

    I heard Mike Bickle the other day talk about the different focuses that each ministry has. One, like Voddie’s, has a clear mandate to build christian homes; another, like IHOP has a mandate to pray; a third, like YWAM for example, has a needed emphasis of evangelism. This is the Lord’s way, that different groups would have different specialties. And it is this structure specifically that helps us NEED one another; no man (or church) has the full revelation, which keeps us drawing upon the different pieces that God has deposited in His international family.

    That being said, thanks for turning me on to the Voddie piece! It was so refreshing and I feel strengthened. Does this mean that your newborn is not your last-born? Your readers want to know!

  3. Indeed – should the Lord will, there will be more little Booz’s running around. :-). It’s amazing that when Laura and I met, I was sure that two kids was is for me – she said six. The day Vivienne was born, I immediately met in the middle at four. Who knows – but the more we learn, the more we’re excited to see our family learn together, grow together and seek the Lord’s will together. We can’t find or imagine any other purpose we’d like to fulfill more!

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