John 9-10

A few quick thoughts about John 9 and 10 this morning.

John 9: The man born blind has his sight restored by Jesus – a story most Christians know well. In fact, most of the world has some of this scripture memorized (thanks to that oldie-but-goodie “Amazing Grace”) – “I was blind and now I see”.  Anyway, what strikes me this morning is that this “blind begger” was such a great evangelist!  The guy is blind from birth, probably in his 20’s (his parents say “he’s of age…” and he’s been a begger already) he gets his sight. I’ve heard stories of blind people having even partial sight restored through surgery and it’s tremendously overwhelming. Can you imagine being completely deluged with light and sight (you’ve never seen any of this before – and it’s not even gradual – it’s all at once). BUT he can’t even take the time to deal with it – he’s immediately questioned and told he’s a sinner and a lier, etc. Even his parents can’t seem to commit. Even still he seems to quite simply say, “this is crazy, I was blind but now I see. From where I’m standing it’s pretty clear that this man, Jesus, is the real deal! Man, what a bunch of schmucks you are!” (OK, look at 9:30 to get the real deal – this is my paraphrase)

So, what about me?  What in my life points to this kind of faith?  (that’s what it is, right?)  If I was questioned as to the power of Jesus and his real identity – what in my life would point to His real work.  Even Jesus, in John 10 (coming next) says that “even if you won’t believe in me because of the Scripture, at least believe on account of the miracles I perform” (paraphrased).  So, what would that be and why don’t I talk about it more?  This morning I can point to a number of miracles in my life that, if you know my life (as these people knew this blind begger) – you’d know it was outside of my doing.  1. My restored marriage.  2. My marriage to begin with (seriously, I married way beyond my league!) 3. our children – we were told that getting pregnant was virtually impossible without drugs – our second child is due in February!

I know there are more – but these are the ones that immediately jump to the front.  In these cases, I think I can pretty clearly share how it “had” to be Christ because it wasn’t possible otherwise.   It would be cool if I could say, “seriously, how can you not see this.  I was near divorce and now I have no doubt this is going to last forever in this life.  You’re just silly if you don’t get that!”  Or, “what about, ‘you will not be able to conceive without medicine’ don’t you get!  We have two kids for crying out loud!”  I know I shouldn’t want to be so confrontational, but I just wish I had a better reaction when I hear people say that Jesus just isn’t real or they’re not religious or whatever.  Who knows..

John 10: ran out of time to type this morning.  Hopefully this evening.

3 thoughts on “John 9-10”

  1. A great point! It’s easy for me to forget how simple it is; to forget how AMAZING it all is!
    I’ve often felt sorry for this blind guy because no one rejoiced with him about this miracle (not even his selfish parents). They focused right away on doubt, trying to prove that it was something other than flat-out WONDERFUL!
    I’ll join you in trying to live in the wonder, baby.

  2. “God closed my eyes, and now I can see”-from the movie “Bella”

    I type that quote to say.. what ever way God choses to reveal himself, it is gona be amazing.

    it is amazing when God choses to show glimpes of Heaven. It makes me long for his compleate glory.

  3. So sorry that this is my first comment. Somehow I missed the mention of your blog until I reviewed one of Laura’s
    old blogs (I am not sure why I went back!) Then I stumbled on your amazingly heartfelt words and rejoiced as I thought how I had prayed for you before Laura and you ever met, before Laura had even gotten out of diapers…actually, (though I can’t put an oath on this) the very first time I held her. Like the blind man, I suddenly had an “Oh, my God!” (reverential praise) moment as I read this blog…and light completely filled my soul when I realized…Though there are dark moments…God, like the Sun is ever shining…steady on…though clouds blow through and seem to hide the light…storms arise and shout out the quiet nurture of the sun…the “Son” is there. God is faithful and, yes, He has and is answering those first heartfelt prayers for a godly man for my beautiful little bald baby girl! May God encourage and strengthen your relationship with Him and with your family this day. Try to rest and prepare for the new work that God is bringing into your life.
    “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”
    Keep writing…I’ll try to keep up!


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